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Interview with Christopher Hampson and Caroline Palmer



As part of the Benesh Institute Congress held on August 5th - 6th 2000, the choreographer Christopher Hampson, and notator Caroline Palmer were invited to give a presentation on the relationship between choreographer and notator.
Christopher received a commission to work in Prague at short notice, and so Amanda Eyles, Assistant Technical Director of the Benesh Institute interviewed Christopher and Caroline on video.  The interview was then transmitted as a Powerpoint presentation with the original sound clips.  This Web version has used transcripts of the interviews and reduced graphics to speed download times.

View the whole interview as text only (recommended for slow connections or computers)
View the Powerpoint version (includes transcript of the interview as "notes" on each page)
View the Powerpoint text-only version (similar to the "text only" version, except it is split into short pages which correspond to the original slides, rather than all text being on one page.  Easier to navigate, but if you just want to read the text, not as quick as going to the the whole interview as text version)