Grands battements Mark Morris -Take back your mink


This is day 13 in my Dance Inspirations Advent Calendar (II)

mark_morris.jpgAs I've noted many times, music in class can be part of a wonderful conversation between pianist and teacher, and this is especially true of a class with Mark Morris. In one class, Take back your mink was the perfect riposte (played unexpectedly, suddenly, for the second side of an exercise that went straight from one side to the other) for something that Mark was doing cheekily to the music on the first side, and it made us all laugh. It's a sign of the heightened, intense musical awareness and focus that goes on in Mark's classes that anyone found this funny or noticed it at all.

As they say about jokes, 'I guess you had to be there...'. Well, that's the point, I was there, and that's why it counts as one of the moments that has made being a dance musician most worthwhile for me - I wouldn't have missed it for the world.
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