Prague 2007


DSC02575.JPGIt's that time of year again, and I'm no less surprised by the joy of waking up to the view on the left from my appartment window in Prague. I'm here for the 5th year running for the fantastic International Ballet Masterclasses in Prague. My next door neighbours are Maina Gielgud on one side and Sofiane Sylve on the other, so I guess I'd better behave myself.

Enjoying lots of books while I'm here. I finished Kate Atkinson's One Good Turn in a day and half, and feel like I could devour everything she ever wrote - it's the best book I've read in years. Nice to have time to mull slowly through the newly published Cambridge Companion to Ballet, not such a page-turner, but does what it says on the tin - a good companion. It's the appalling irony of academic books, that the target audience usually only has time to skim-read them (and it's an accepted mode of academic life to do so these days, even for students), whereas if they're good, it ought to be illegal not to take a week off on a Greek island to do them justice. Still wish I'd bought another Kate Atkinson, all the same.


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