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Basic IT Skills - Index

I began this page about two years ago, thinking that I'd have it finished in a matter of weeks. It's November 2001 now, and I'm getting round to dealing with it.

What is IT? What are IT skills?

Understanding concepts
WIMPs - Windows, Icons, Menus and Pointers
Copying, cutting, pasting
Setting Options & Preferences 
Sorting data in tables and directories
Inserting files into documents
Dynamic data -the concept of fields

Managing Files
Understand file hierarchy
Understand file extensions
Manage files logically - including creating folders
Compressing files
Choosing formats for transferring data

Install hardware and software
Understand drivers - loading and updating
Install software
Install a printer

Use computer applications efficiently and skillfully
Develop a repertoire of keyboard shortcuts
Improve keyboard skills
Develop strategies for dealing with problems
Customize using options

Use email and the internet effectively
Get yourself online - choosing an internet service provider (ISP)

Send and receive email
Send attachments
Set up message rules

Ten top tips for using the internet
Save pages to disc
Keep a directory of your favourite pages (Favourites & Bookmarks) 
Intelligent searching, and evaluating internet sources
Download a program to disc
Browsers, Gateways, Search Engines, AOL, Portals
HTML - how files make it on to the Internet

Word processing
Format a document
Select file type on save - see also managing files logically
Headers and footers/page numbers and footnotes
Work with tables
Format documents for presentation standard


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