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IT Skills - Internet Tips

1. Change your "Home" page

Is the page which opens every time you start Internet Explorer really the one you want? If you find yourself repeatedly going to a particular site or search engine, why not make this the one which loads automatically. Doing this not only saves time when you first open the program, it also means that you can simply press the "home" button on the toolbar to return to your favourite page.


  1. Open 'Internet Explorer'
  2. Make sure you know the address of the page you want, or that it's currently open in your browser.
  3. Go to the menu bar and select "View" (in IE4) or "Tools" (IE5) - see screenshot below
  4. Click on "Internet Options", and you'll get a dialog box with a number of choices. 

Screenshot: the Internet Options menu

  1. An options 'dialog box' will open (see screenshot below)
  2. Delete the address currently in the "Address" field
  3. Either type in the address you want to go to when IE starts, or, if that page is already open, press "Use Current"
  4. Press "OK"
  5. Done - this will remain your "home" page until you or someone else changes it. 

The Internet Options dialog box


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