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Setting Options and Preferences
Almost every computer program has a section where you can set options or preferences.  It is often advisable to have a look at this section very early on when you use a program, because each program comes loaded with a set of default settings.    Depending on the person that designed your program before selling it to you, these may be sensible or they may be infuriating.  Here are some examples of really irritating default settings that you may wish to change ASAP:
  1. Internet Explorer most often comes with a default setting which sets the first page that you look at everytime you open it (or press the HOME button) to the homepage of whoever supplied the program, like PC World, MSN, Dell, or Dixons.  Who wants to subject themselves to aggressive advertising from multinational corporations when what you want to do is search the net?
  2. Microsoft Word may come supplied with a default setting where it will check your documents according to American spelling rules. Another irritating one is to automatically capitalize the first letter of every sentence, or write ¾ when you want to write 3/4 (typically for Microsoft programs, changing this does not come under "options" or "preferences", but that's another story.
  3. Many programs stipulate a part of your computer that it thinks is a good place to save your files.  This may be a folder embedded within a folder embedded .... you get the idea.  Some programs will allow you to tell the computer where you like to keep your files, so that every time you press "save as" it will find the exact location for your files immediately.
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