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Create a Table of Contents Automatically - Part 1

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Indexes and tables of contents
Word can automatically generate a table of contents for you - you don't have to look up all the chapter headings, find the page number, and then type it in. There are two steps involved in this process:

Step 1: Go through your document and mark all the headings and subheadings that you want to be included in the table of contents

Step 2: Get Word 97 to create the table of contents based on these headings

Step 1

1. Using the cursor, select the text that you want to make into a heading.

2. With the text still selected, Now go to the style box in the top left hand corner of the screen:

3. Click on the downward arrow at the end of the box

Diagram 1: The Style Box in Word

4. The list of choices will appear, shown in diagram 2.

Diagram 2: The drop down style menu in Word. The typeface and other things like shading and font appear in this box exactly as they will in your document. If you don't like the style, you can change it later, all you are doing now is saying to Word "call this heading 1". If you decide that every thing with the Heading 1 tag attached to it should be pink with flashing lights, you can do that later.











5. Click on "Heading 1. "

6.. The style box will close, and the words you selected will now be formatted as "Heading 1".

7.. To undo this if you make a mistake, select the text again, go to the style box and select "Normal".




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