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Attaching Files using Outlook Express

When you are submitting work, the easiest and cheapest way to do it is by sending your Microsoft Word file as an attachment. Here's how:

1. Open up the Outlook Express program

2. Click the "New mail" to create a new email

3. On the toolbar, press the picture of a paper clip with the word "Attach" underneath it, as shown below

The "Attach" button in Microsoft Outlook

4. Now you will see the dialog box shown below (the files and folder names will be different of course - this is my computer you're looking at):

5. Highlight the file by you want to send by clicking it once: - it will turn blue, and the filename will appear in the "File name" box.

6. Press

7. There'll be a quick flip and and a whizz on your screen, and then you will see an icon representing your file in the line below the subject of your email, as shown below:

8. Now you can fill in all the other bits, like who it's to, a subject line etc.

9. Press Send

It's very easy to write an email, and say "Dear So and So, please find attached my dissertation/life story etc...", send it, but forget to attach the file. I've done this so many times, that I now force myself to attach the file first, before writing the email. It's a difficult habit to get into, but worth it.



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