Just the beginning of what I hope will be a much larger page, linking directly to articles about music which have direct relevance to courses on dance and music.  You may find it useful to visit my useful links page for more general links to information sites.
Music & the National Curriculum Links you should know about if you are interested in (or have been told to be interested in by me!) the where when what andhow of music in the National Curriculum  Since music and dance usually go together, it's worth knowing what children learn (or are supposed to) in music.
Metre& Rhythm My attempt to sort out some questions and dilemmas in the field of metre & rhythm in dance, including terminology issues such as "is metre the same as rhythm?" and "is metre the same as time signature?"  Not a holiday, by any stretch of the imagination,but necessary all the same.
Sonny Watson's Dance History Archives Probably the best site you will ever see on the history and development of social dances.  The amount of information and links to other documents and sites could keep you occupied for months. If you are doing any research into social/court/national dancing, thisis the place to go. Click on a letter at the top of the screen (i.e.L for Lambada)and see the list of dances come up.  A hint about navigation on this site - if you want to go back to the main index, press the "back" linkat the bottom of your page. 
ElizabethSawyer online "Music for Ballet: Stepchild, Despot or Helpmeet" part of Elizabeth Sawyer's book Dance with the Music available online.
Philip Tagg's online texts Philip Tagg, from the University of Liverpool,has what seems to be all his texts on line - an excellent resource, not just for essays on the Semiotics of Music, but also for general things like how to write a dissertation. The new essay on melody and accompaniment is a gift. 
Rhythm and meter glossary An excellent resource from the School of Music at Indiana University.  The glossary not only explains advanced terminology, it also provides references hyperlinked to a bibliography. A treasure-house. A related page called Theory and Analysis of Musical Rhythm is also worth a visit.
Aesthetics of film music A chapter from Roy Prendergast's book Film Music,A neglected art.  You may be interested in some of the other texts on this site, which are readings for a course on music for the theatre at the University of Toronto at Scarborough.
Common-practice tonality: a handbook for composition and analysis Part of a theory text book, with references. Useful for checking technical problems.  The rest of the book maybe of interest too - just click on "previous chapter" or "next chapter".
Internet resources A well-designed and fairly exhaustive guideto what's available on the internet for music researchers from the Library of the University of Melbourne, Australia.
Music and Dance Bibliography My first attempts at putting together a bibliography of books and articles about music and dance. Some of the formatting is of references is rather strange, as I haven't yet sorted out the interface between Reference Manager and HTML pages, but the basic stuff is there.

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