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Below are some useful websites which give information about the musical components in the National Curriculum.
National Curriculum online
Essential.  You can download all the National Curriculum outlines for each subject, as well as sample lesson plans, teaching ideas etc. Navigation could have been made a lot simpler - find the music curriculum yourself by endless searching, trial and error or take the short cut to Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2 or Key Stage 3 here.  A warning - nice as .pdf files are, these are huge, and are very graphics-heavy (again, why?). If you just want to read it rather than spray pink printer-cartridge ink all over your paper, download the text-only version.


A quick guide to the NC in music at primary school level
Based on the government outlines, but easier to read because it's for people who watch the Tweenies. Read the page on music and development in the same section.  Easier to see from this what the application of the NC bullet points might be.


BBC Education Web Guide
The  BBC have drawn together a searchable database of links to sites which provide further information about NC subjects.  Not necessarily exhaustive, but a good place to browse.

General arts-in-education links


Arts in Education Links
Quite a useful selection of links from Northern Artists into Schools.  But what is an "arts in education" site? Have a look at Dance in Education for example - worthy, well-meaning and badly designed (someone should tell them about using white fonts).  But look closer, and it turns out to be "a new company committed to the development, production and distribution of high quality, dance teaching resources for the education sector". 


National Arts Education Archive at Bretton Hall
Useful one to know about, especially since they have a searchable OPAC. 


National Association of Independent Schools links 
Not to be confused with Northern Artists into Schools which has the same acronym apart from the lower case "i", this site has a few links to sites about the arts.  One particularly useful one which I hadn't come across before was the Sapphire Swan Dance directory.  The DfEE and National Curriculum sites could learn a lot from this site - it may be a fluffy name, but there's nothing fluffy about the site. It's well organised, has a clear purpose (which it fulfils), loads quickly and has no pointless graphics.