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Last updated: Sunday, December 19, 2004 6:35 AM

About JS Music

Who I am

My name's Jonathan Still, and I am a staff pianist and Music Development Manager at the Royal Academy of Dance in London. I started out as a languages graduate (Russian and Serbo-Croat) and then decided to be a musician for my career. After working as a vocal coach and accompanist for recitals, and studying composition with Master of the Queen's Music, Malcolm Williamson, I started working in ballet almost by chance, and found that I loved it. I became a company pianist with English National Ballet, then with the Ballett der Deutschen Oper, Berlin. I've had lots of fun freelance jobs with some fabulous people - Wayne Sleep, Gillian Lynne, Jayne Torvill, Charlie Dimmock and, of course, my friend and colleague, the choreographer Christopher Hampson.

I live in Tooting in South London, a place that I consider to be an earthly paradise for reasons I've given in an interview to the Tooting website.

Why I created this site

Two reasons:

Firstly, having found really good sources on the internet, I cannot bear to see people flounder with bad ones, or give up research because they don't know where to look. Because I'm impatient, I'd rather everyone worked quickly, efficiently and to professional standards - it saves me getting annoyed. I wanted to be able to share a lot of the information I find useful with friends and colleagues, and to provide myself with a means of accessing anywhere things that I need in the course of a day.

Secondly, I wanted a place to put together some of that information about music and dance which is so hard to find, if it exists at all, and where it doesn't exist, to commission it or create it. If you are interested in helping me do this, please email me.

Who this site's for

People who work in dance, particularly ballet; students, researchers. People who do things in the arts, but occasionally need quick access to reliable information to inform a project. For example, when Chris Hampson and I were working on A Christmas Carol, we desperately needed to find a piece called 'Almack's Quadrille'. Thanks to my page on digital musical libraries, we found a copy, in TIFF format in a library in the States. I printed it out, and overnight, we had something to rehearse with. The point is, once you know that can be done, you never accept second best or 'it can't be done' anymore.

I hope you enjoy the site.

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