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Learning to love Battersea - local information pages
Battersea - Area Profile. Quite a useful collection of addresses and numbers of local schools, shops, restaurants, pharmacies etc. from Douglas & Gordon Estate Agents.
Battersea Arts Centre (BAC) Near Clapham Junction, BAC is a popular venue for new work on a small scale. Also check Time Out London for details of performances.
Battersea Canoe Club
Have you ever seen a canoe in Battersea? They seem to spend a lot of their time in Putney Leisure Centre, which to me isn't quite canoeing, Battersea or particularly club-like, but never mind. Rowers they aren't.
Battersea Dogs' Home
If you haven't had enough of Pet Rescue and all that, go and get some more at the Battersea Dogs' home website.  Just don't tell me about it, because I don't like dogs
Battersea Ironsides Rugby Club
Just a link to their picture gallery to see if it's worth passing by their playing field now and again. If you're pushed for surfing-time, the answer is no.
Battersea Osteopathic Practices
Take a lesson from these people: www.thebatterseaosteopathicpractices.co.uk is a hell of an address to remember when you need an osteopath. 
Battersea Park
A nice place to go. You might as well go there rather than look at it on a website, but there's some useful stuff about what's there and what's on etc.
Battersea Power Station
History of the BPS with pictures, and news of what's going to happen to it. See also the Battersea Power Station Community Group. How do they have the time?
Knowhere Guide to Battersea - As yet, a pretty terrible site purporting to give you local information. If you feel like helping them by adding your own knowledge to theirs, this might make it into a more useful site.
Lan Na Thai Face Bar (was the Battersea Boathouse)
The nice pub by the river (turning left out of the Academy and risking death by crossing the road on the corner) is now a Thai Restaurant. It's a great location, and the wooden deck overlooking the Thames can be great in summer - but at £18.75 for garlic prawns, and an address that locates Lombard Road in 'Battersea Village' you may just want to take your jacket potato into the carpark instead.

Local restaurants
Our very own Café de la Place is mentioned in this 'my village: Wandsworth' guide. The link above used to point to Lavender Hill Home Page, a rather sweet if puffa-jacketted site about local attractions in the 'teeming wasteland of brick' made famous by Nell Dunn's Up the Junction (1965). For the gory details of how a slum turned into a brasserie and goat's cheese emporium for the braying classes, read the bits about Battersea in Social Capital, Gentrification and Neighbourhood Change in London by Tim Butler and Gary Robson. Meanwhile, the Lavender HIll Home Page has now become a teeming wasteland of ads, broken links and javascript navigation, and there's not a lot of point linking to it.

Queen's Road Station Battersea
"A site devoted to LSWR Queen's Road Station Battersea". Only a railway enthusiast could devote a site to this dirty, windy, bleak and ugly station. Still, if you've ever thought "thank God I don't have to get out here" as you go through it, you might be interested to see what you're missing.
Sightseeing by the River
You could really learn to love Battersea if you read this short guide to the great and the good and their houses along Chelsea embankment from Time Out. You might even begin to think of the 239 as a sight-seeing bus!
St Mary's Battersea
A lovely site about a lovely church (the one you pass on the way to Battersea Bridge), and some general local history too. One of the few sites really worth visiting on this page
The Battersea Pen Home
The what?! Yes. They sell, buy and refurbish vintage pens. Saturday nights will never be the same. 
This is Wandsworth ...apparently. One of the top stories is Lithuanian Pop Idol Uncovered, which is neither local nor current, but perhaps I looked on a bad day.
Wandsworth Borough Council
Do you need to find out when the library closes, where your nearest swimming pool is, what day the bin-men do your street? It's all here.  A model of online democracy in every way:  office workers, the well-paid and the computer literate can find out where to do water-aerobics or get their old sofa taken away, while the hoi polloi have no public toilets anymore and get mugged at bus stops on CCTV.
Wandsworth Guardian A much more attractive version of the paper of the same name. This is Wandsworth (unlike the site below). Council forces Railtrack to bird-proof bridges is one of this weeks top stories, and quite rightly so. Having lived in Wandsworth for over ten years, I am not surprised to see that the council, having prevented humans in the borough from answering calls of nature, now proposes to stop birds doing the same thing. Meanwhile, street crime in Wandsworth increases by 60% year on year, and the Met have allegedly used 'flawed and secretive processes to cap Wandsworth's police numbers'. The processes can't be that flawed - I haven't seen a policeman in Tooting more than three times in 12 years.
Webcam of the traffic around Battersea bridge
Here's an idea for a thursday lunchtime - run over the bridge, walk around underneath the cameras, rush back to the library and see yourself on a webcam!
Whistler's Battersea
When you're sick of waiting for the 239, or stuck on Battersea bridge, remind yourself that Battersea can be quite beautiful as long as you don't have to work there or travel there. Have a look at Whistler's (1804-1903) Nocturne: The Thames at Battersea (1878) for example, or Nocturne: Blue and Gold, Battersea Bridge (1872-1877) or Brown and Silver: Old Battersea Bridge (1859-1863) [larger version].