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PC Klein is cool!PC Klein award for websites of the week
PC Klein, helping to keep Battersea cool 

Guardian Weblog
Weblogs are the coolest, coolest thing on the Internet. 'Bloggers' keep a sort of Internet diary consisting of short entries on topical themes or subjects they are interested in, with links to relevant sites. Bloggers tend to keep alive the voice of alternative opinion, evidence and other sides to the stories of the day. The Guardian's weblog is not as personalised as ordinary blogs, but it is huge, and is the most potent proof that the Guardian's site generally is the way to go for the web. Rebecca Blood who writes Rebecca's Pocket, one of my personal favourites has written a book on weblogs and how to do it, which shows just how (relatively) old the subject must be - so if you haven't tuned into weblogs yet, catch up on your cool factor quick. Try Metafilter for a quick taste of how blogging might change what you read on the web.

The Postmodernism Generator
The true irony and humour of this page is only revealed when you press 'Refresh' (F5) - upon which an entirely new essay will appear, full of the sort of vacuous postmodern jargon and cryptic essay-titles that are frighteningly common these days, randomly generated by a neat little script behind the scenes. It's worth comparing the random essays produced by this page to whatever postmodern criticism you happen to be reading at the moment, and see whether any of it makes sense.

Philosophy Football
Simply the coolest football shirts around. This company produces a range of well-designed, good quality shirts with oddball motifs and inscriptions. One range includes quotes about football from great philosophers, composers, thinkers, revolutionaries and others. Try these for size: Aston Villa shirt with "Football is working class ballet" (Alf Garnett) on it, or "All that I know most surely about morality and obligations, I owe to football" (Albert Camus). Feel free to buy me any one of them for Christmas.

Splat the MP
A chance to throw eggs at Anne Widdecombe as she swings Tarzan-like across the House of Commons (if you hit her, you get a burst of the Hallelujah chorus), or at David Beckham as he appears from behind a bench saying "Victoria". Watch out for Prescott, who is as likely to punch you in the face as you are to hit him. Of all the quasi-political/satirical flash games, this is one of the best, in my view, although the Dancing Tony Blair is good fun for the first few minutes. Panlogic, who made this game, also produce other masterpieces such as How German Are You? and The Seagull Strikes Back.

Jesus Dressup
Hours of fun with this online dress-up doll. Only difference is that the doll in question is Jesus, and he turns out to be quite a snappy dresser. If you aren't offended by such things, you might try the Jesus Test. Please don't complain to me that this is irreverent. I will only reply - as someone has already said elsewhere - that if they had had the electric chair in Jesus's time, the equivalent of crossing yourself would look very odd indeed, and that I find the centrality of pain, torture and ritual murder to evangelical Christianity perverse.

The University of Bums on Seats
This is a parody of a typical small University website, using all the usual layered images of happy students with mortarboards and pictures of the local area taken from angles which no-one ever seems to find in real life. You can even award yourself degrees and print off the certificates! A very funny site, but also quite a lesson in how not to be taken in by form which disguises content - that's to say, once you've seen this, you'll understand how much you 'trust' sites that look like this, without testing the content or reliability.

Edwina of Oxenford
Like the University of Bums on Seats, this page is deceptive - I read two-thirds of it before I realised it was a spoof. A cod biography of an Elizabethan composer, Edwina of Oxenford, containing lines such as " Her home in the High Street in Oxford was part fair-ground and amusement arcade, with distorting mirrors, booby traps, "books" that squirted black smoke when opened and hidden ventilators that blew odoriferous winds up the backsides of pompous and unsuspecting visitors ".

The Framley Examiner
To my mind, this is one of the funniest sites on the net. A parody of provincial newspapers which use the rhetoric and design of broadsheets to deal with local, parochial issues, the humour is not dissimilar to Steve Coogan, The Day to Day, Chris Morris, with a touch of Private eye and Viz thrown in. How the people who write it manage to keep it so consistently funny across so many issues beats me. By contrast, I have never found The Onion funny - not once.

Fling the Cow
There's something about surfing the web that can make even the most mindless games seem riveting. Not only do you get a chance to (guess what) fling a cow into a target chalked into a field, but it involves the skill of judging how long to hold the mouse down for in order to propel it with just the right amount of force. It must make your mouse's life much more interesting and varied, I guess.

Windows Annoyances
If you think you're hopeless with computers, and it's all your fault, visit Windows Annoyances first - you might change your mind. This site is an inventory of all the bizarre, unexplained and unexplainable and plain stupid things that can and do go wrong with Windows, through no fault of the user. The answer to a lot of computer problems is "it's a problem with Windows", and this is the place to find some answers, workarounds and moral support from fellow-sufferers.

Am I Hot Dot Com  works like this: people send in photographs of themselves, you rate them on a scale of 1-10.  Once you've voted, you can see how other people voted too.  Don't go here when you've got something important to do - sad and sick as it sounds, it's strangely addictive.  It's become one of the most visited sites on the web, and of interest to psychologists because it's become a source of information on what features make people attractive. There are many other similar sites - most of which are entirely vile. If you're that sick, type in '"rate my" (with the quotation marks) into Google and see how many varieties of online poll you can take.