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Guidance for submitting links


Please read the information below before submitting me a link. If the site you are recommending does not do the things below, then please don't send me a link to it, because I won't post it on the site. Please understand that the point of my links page is to show people where the really big and useful sites are about dance, education and dance education can be found, not to divert them up one-way streets or commercial sites.

Sites for submission to this page must be dance, dance research or dance education related, and fulfil at least two of the following criteria:

  • Have links to lots of other pages, or contain large amounts of online data
  • Provide reliable, accurate and useful information with frequent updates
  • Have a minimum of advertising banners, pop-up windows, pointless Flash-animations etc.
  • In addition, if you have any information about the demise or new location of any of the sites marked [dead link] please let me know.

Spam-free link suggestions: To suggest a link, write to links at jsmusic.org.uk, substituting the 'at' for a @, of course and removing the spaces.